To the Orange Podcast | Judson Todd Allen, Chef and author


Daily Illini Managing Editor Joe Longo (right) interviewing Chef Judson Todd Allen (left), a Class of 2003 ACES alumnus.

By Aaron Navarro and Joseph Longo

“To the Orange” is a DI podcast with Illinois alumni about their time on campus and how that time helped them get to where they are now.

In this episode, we talk to Chef Judson Todd Allen, a class of 2003 alumnus who been Steve Harvey’s chef, a nutritionist and now, an author.

In his debut book, “The Spice Diet,” Chef Allen says the smart use of spices fueled his weight loss journey. In this interview, we touch on his book, his experiences in cooking and his history with food before, on and after campus. We also take him to the local County Market grocery store to discuss how to properly spice and flavor on a college budget.



1:30 – Start of interview

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    3:51 – The freshman 15 and access to food on campus

    8:14 – Allen’s weight loss journey

    11:13 – “We celebrated food.”

    12:45 – Cheffin’ for Steve Harvey

    14:37 -“You start out with this vision, and that goal is to make sure it comes to fruition.”

    17:00 – Moving to Champaign

    21:00 – ACES Major

    25:10 – Tips on what to get at County Market