To the Orange Podcast | Gene Honda, Public address announcer for Chicago White Sox and Chicago Blackhawks


Photo by Aaron Navarro

Managing Editor and “To The Orange” host Joe Longo, interviewing popular public address announcer Gene Honda.

By Aaron Navarro and Joe Longo

“To the Orange” is a DI podcast with Illinois alumni about their time on campus and how that time helped them get to where they are now.

In this episode, we talk to Gene Honda, the famed public address announcer for the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Blackhawks, amongst many others. In fact, Honda was the arena voice for the historic 2005 NCAA Illinois vs. Arizona Final Four game. But our interview with him goes far beyond sports, we talk to Honda about his start in broadcasting, and how he tried to give up. We also talk to him about his life as a student, his affinity for the Illini Inn and how he got his pitch perfect radio voice.



1:50 – Joe doing his best Gene Honda arena impression

6:00 – “I started here in ’72.”

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    9:15 – How Honda got back into journalism after giving up

    14:20 – Maui! Hockey!

    15:48 – National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum

    19:00 – Quick break

    19:30 – Never had an accent

    24:00 – His time in Champaign

    26:00 – Illini Inn Mug Club #26