To the Orange Podcast | Scott Cochrane, Property and bar owner

By Aaron Navarro and Joseph Longo

“To the Orange” is a DI podcast with Illinois alumni about their time on campus and how that time helped them get to where they are now.

In this episode, we talk to Scott Cochrane, owner of campus bars The Red Lion, The Clybourne and Firehaus. In a wide-ranging interview, we cover everything from his years on campus working at the family-owned bars to his upcoming plans for C Street, a former gay bar.



2:15 – Start of interview

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    13:00 – Possible renovations to C.O.Daniels

    16:45 – “When I was young, there were a lot of bars…”

    17:20 – Firehaus, and it’s ugly carpet

    20:55 – The everchanging Clybourne

    21:30 – The Red Lion 2.0

    24:40 – C Street will not come back as a gay bar

    43:00 – The history and future of “Unofficial”