The best places to study according to your persona

By Camille Baer, Features Editor

So you think you can be a college student? Well, we know it can be quite daunting to get adjusted to the frenzy of fun, friends and studying. However, let’s make this clear—get great study habits now. And what better way than to find the perfect place to make your dreams of good grades and happy parents come true?

Students come in all shapes and sizes, so while you’re still learning your way, here’s a blueprint of the best places to study that match your personality and preferred ambiance as the books begin to pile up.

The Focuser

Let’s face it: people talking while you’re trying to work is your worst nightmare. And it’s not that you haven’t made an effort, either. You’ve tried everything, but when it comes down to it, music and loud voices are simply too distracting.

So where do you go when you need to get things done? Wedged in between the South and Main Quads lies the Undergraduate Library. On the main floor, when you first walk in, pay no attention to the “talking” floor and keep walking down to the lower floor; you’ll find complete silence, perfect for your day-to-day study needs. No need to worry about your noisy roommate anymore.

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Another great place to bring your books is the Main Library. Its beautiful high ceilings and open archways provide a sense of grandeur when you have about six hours of note-taking ahead of you. The main studying room adjacent to the information desk has a peaceful yet studious atmosphere, with long communal study tables full of silent study-goers. Did someone say, “study sanctuary?” *Cue sigh of relief.*

The Coffee Connoisseur

Light roasts, dark roasts, blonde roasts—oh my! You’re a caffeine fiend and there’s no need to apologize. Did you know that even the smell of coffee can wake someone up? Of course you did, because you know everything about coffee. Not only that, you’re a gold star member at Starbucks, and most baristas know your name and order back home.

The best background noise, in your opinion, is the sound of steamed milk being made and coffee being brewed, and soft chatter surrounding you. Aside from the obvious choice to study at Starbucks, here are some more authentic coffee shops unique to Champaign-Urbana you must try out.

For one, if you haven’t already, get your books to Espresso Royale right now. The rustic interior provides a welcoming environment for any coffee lover who craves a quick fix before bogging down with work.

For the hipster coffee sipper, try Brew Lab: Champaign’s finest cup of joe around. The modern design inside consists of unfinished wood and metal accents contrasted with white-washed walls that are actually dry-erase marker safe. #Genius.

The Social Butterfly

Do you often feel like you’re being shushed by your other friends for your frequent chatter when doing work? Do you enjoy a bit of witty banter now and again in between note cards? Do you love running into friends while you’re studying? When there’s work to be done, you know how to crank it out; it’s just easier when you can talk it out with someone.

So don’t worry, you’re not alone, and guess what — we have a solution. Instead of conforming to the typical library habitat you were simply not made to function in, opt for something more like the Illini Union, a safe space for all self-proclaimed chatty Cathy’s and talkative Tommy’s.

With multiple places to chose from, the main open area inside the Union is a perfect location for the social folks who enjoy a multi-purpose place, including a Starbucks tucked in one corner, TV’s on the opposite end and a lounging area in case of emergencies (or much-needed gossip).

Another social studying spot is the Business Instructional Facility, which is just shy of one block from the Main Quad. Although this building belongs to the business school, it’s an excellent place to meet up with friends in the massive main space with floor-to-ceiling windows and large circular tables. Not to mention the Espresso Royale conveniently located on one side for much-needed late-night caffeine boosts. Suppress no more, you chit-chatting addict.

Camille is a junior in Media

[email protected]