Don’t forget to thank your parents

By Samantha Boyle, Assistant Daytime News Editor

In a small dorm room with a lot of other students moving in at the same time as you, the whole process of getting settled in can become overwhelming. During this time, it is important to remember to stay grounded and to remember who got you here in the first place.

If this is your first time moving out and away from home, it will be sad for your parents to see you go, even though it is really exciting for you. This is why it is important for you to think of them throughout this process as well.  

Your parents only want to help you get settled in, despite how annoyed you might get with either one of them during this time. Let them unpack, set up furniture, clean or do whatever they want to help you. Having them there to help you will only result in less work for you in the long run.  

It will be easy to just brush off your parents or family when you first get to campus; you have your new roommate, neighbors and a whole new environment to get used to. Besides, you have basically lived with your parents for your whole life. Your parents will most likely understand your excitement, but again, they should not be forgotten throughout this process.  

Even if you really do want your parents and family out of your way as fast as possible, try not to express that because that will only cause them to feel unwanted. You can even let them know that you are just overwhelmed and stressed out with pretty much everything but it has nothing to do with them “being in the way,” even if you might take some stress out on them.

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    Once you are somewhat settled in, take them to lunch or dinner, walk campus with them or just do something that eases the stress of moving in so you can show your appreciation. You will have the rest of the school year and college career to get to know your roommate and future friends.

    When I first moved into my dorm, I did not really think anything of saying goodbye to my parents. I would see them again in a few short months anyways. I was more excited to meet new people and start college to even think about anything else anyways.   

    I was also annoyed, hot (my dorm did not have AC)  and overwhelmed, so I almost could not wait to just have my mom and dad out of the way. However, that was until I walked to their car with them and realized my mom was holding back tears.   

    It wasn’t until my parents were leaving that I realized I should have been more appreciative, especially since this was the first time I would officially be moved out and the furthest away from them I’d ever been.

    This is going to be as big of a change for your parents as it is for you, just keep that in mind. Don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them and their help.

    Samantha is a sophomore in Media.

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