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Ikenberry Dining Hall seats many students during their meals. Ikenberry Dining Hall has a wide variety in food options.

Opinion | Slandering Ikenberry Dining Hall does not make you cool

By Nick Johnson, Assistant Opinions Editor August 20, 2021

The University of Illinois is one of the nation’s premier public education institutions which excels in delivering its students a stellar college experience, and first-year housing is an aspect that...

Don’t forget to pack these items for college

By Raina Kutliroff, Staff Writer August 19, 2021

Now is the time to read over that packing list and make sure all of the essentials are ready to come down to campus. After all of the essentials have been acquired, there are still other affordable items...

Students line up at a booth during the Welcome Celebration at lot 31 on Aug. 20. Columnist Samuel Rahman believes college is one of the best times for ones formative years.

Opinion | Welcome to your bildungsroman

By Samuel Rahman, Assistant Opinions Editor August 18, 2021

The 50-cent specimen staring back at us from our word-of-the-day calendar this fine morning is “bildungsroman.” It is the literary term for a coming-of-age story — more specifically one where mental...

Add a little bit of spice to your room decor

Add a little bit of spice to your room decor

By Heather Robinson, Managing Editor for Reporting August 17, 2021

This fall, the majority of your time will be spent going out, meeting new people and seeing new places. However, you will also become well-acquainted with your living space. Therefore, it’s important...

Busey Evans dorm  stands tall on Aug. 30, 2019. The residence hall provides great study spaces in a convenient location.

Busey-Evans Residence Hall provides convenient location, quiet study areas

By Olivia Vamos, Staff Writer August 16, 2021

Deciding to live in Busey-Evans Residence Hall was a great choice for my freshman year. I have chosen to describe what I believe the highlights of living in Busey-Evans are. The experiences I had in Busey-Evans...

Three students walk outside of Ikenberry Commons on Aug. 20. There are multiple spots on campus that are easily enjoyed by new students.

Where to find action: Check out these spots upon arriving to campus

By Chieh Hsu, Managing Editor for Online August 15, 2021

Welcome new student! When you first arrive on campus, you might feel a little lost, as everyone once was. Worry not! Here’s a short guide to help point out some spots that you might find “actions”...

Two twin beds sit opposite each other in a dorm room with sunlight coming in through the window. Stick to habits while living in the dorms.

Pick up these habits while living in dorms

By Vivian La, Assistant Daytime News Editor August 14, 2021

You did it. All the boxes have been unloaded from the now-empty car, parents have been waved goodbye to and you and your roommate have decided who gets which side.  What’s next? Something that...

Prepare for semester with this post move-in day checklist

By Sydney Wood, buzz Assistant Editor August 12, 2021

Whether you’re a new or returning student, this fall semester will be vastly different for many in terms of in-person classes, football games and lifted COVID-19 restrictions. With the excitement of...

How to combat homesickness when moving in  

How to combat homesickness when moving in  

By Amrita Bhattacharyya, Interim Editor-in-Chief August 10, 2021

After the final boxes are unpacked, the parents have left and the excitement of moving in begins to fade, a new, vexing feeling might settle in: feeling homesick. With some students transitioning back...

Lundgren Hall stands on the corner of Gregory Drive and Fourth Street on Sept. 21. Lundgren Hall has many benefits that new students should take advantage of.

Opinion | Lundgren Hall is not the worst

By Nathaniel Langley, Opinions Editor August 8, 2021

If there ever were a theoretical survey of least appetizing university dorms, Lundgren Hall may top the list. Yet for those more appreciative of campus’s less-craven housing, Lundgren is the premier...

Music Education Major graduates Emmett OBrien, Katie Mitchell, Ollie (dog), Marcus Moone, and Brendon Culloton, enjoy a picnic on the Main Quad. Spend the day exploring the campus to take a breather from your dorm room.

It is time to quit the anti-social club

By Gwyn Skiles, Features Editor August 6, 2021

Freshmen and transfers — I’m talking to you. There is a lot of anxiety that comes with moving in. All of a sudden you have hundreds of new neighbors. Showering in a communal bathroom can feel foreign....

Packaged salads lie in the Ikenberry Dining Hall on Oct. 20. There are many options for new students to grab a bite to eat once on campus.

Explore these snack options after moving in

By Aidan Finn, Staff Writer August 4, 2021

We love to envision a grand, energetic college lifestyle ahead of us when moving to campus. All the wonderful amenities and activities from gyms to clubs, the beautiful campus sprawl and the neighboring...

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