Don’t forget to pack these items for college

By Raina Kutliroff, Staff Writer

Now is the time to read over that packing list and make sure all of the essentials are ready to come down to campus. After all of the essentials have been acquired, there are still other affordable items that are underrated items that can really make or break the dorm experience. While these products are not necessities, previous new students have stated that they really complete the new dorm or apartment in terms of making a new place feel like home. Below is a list of underrated packing items you may (or may not) need to bring down to campus. 

Push pins

Most apartment leasing companies and dorm buildings will tell new students not to tape or stick anything to the walls as it can ruin the paint. They often prefer students to hang posters and pictures up using push pins since it’s easy to fill in the holes in the wall, rather than ripping off the paint. Most office stores will sell adorable push pins that will also double as aesthetic decorations for the walls. 

Plastic drawers 

Plastic drawers allow for easy-access storage for items that may not be able to fit in the regular dorm dresser or closet. The see-through drawers are great for storing heavier sweaters, extra bedding and toiletries or even school supplies that won’t fit in the desk. Most drawer sets will even fit easily under a tall bed, which most of the dorm buildings provide. These are also perfect for all of the University swag you are about to get.

Air fresheners

Dorm rooms are often pretty stuffy, especially in the summer and spring months and a quality air freshener can help to make the room feel less stuffy and smell fresher, especially after all of that dirty laundry piling up is starting to smell.

Door stopper

One great way to make new friends is to leave your dorm room door open whenever possible. This shows you want to make connections with other residents on your floor and would love a quick conversation. A door stopper helps to avoid awkwardly holding the door open with your desk chair or garbage can.

Reusable grocery bags

Not only are reusable grocery bags sustainable and adorable, but they’re often larger than regular paper or plastic grocery bags and will feel much more comfortable while taking the bus or walking back to your dorm from the store. Plus, they won’t rip and all of the grocery items won’t fall into the middle of the sidewalk!

A throw blanket

Any soft or fuzzy throw blanket will be a great addition to your new home. A small blanket will be very useful for friends to cozy up along with you while hanging on your bed. Plus, it will be great for those freezing Midwestern winters and days where you just want to cozy up under a fuzzy throw in bed. 

White noise machine

These machines are great for anyone who is a light sleeper and is going to need to combat those loud weekends and thin walls. Many white noise machines come in small sizes and often will play many different relaxing sounds such as a rainstorm, ocean waves and even a bonfire. Most will also come with a headphone jack if the roommate isn’t a fan of the machine. 

Air purifier

An air purifier is more of a necessity for those with mild-severe allergies, which can be especially bad when living in an old dorm or apartment. During COVID-19, most air purifiers have a “germ” setting which will help collect all of those nasty germs and keep the air fresh and clean. 

Small, stackable clear containers

Any small see-through containers are perfect for organized, easy access to any items that you aren’t sure where to put. These containers are particularly useful for hair accessories, toiletries, medical items, school supplies, etc. They will easily slide under a desk or bed for convenience.