You can enjoy a mom-less Moms Weekend

By Bella Keys, Contributing Writer

What happens if your mom isn’t coming for Moms Weekend? This isn’t the end of the world. In fact, for you it may be the beginning of a great weekend. There are plenty of other exceptional options available that are just as entertaining as having your mom there!

Just because your mom isn’t going to be here this weekend doesn’t mean there won’t be any moms here. Go out and find yourself a new mom. I’m sure you have friends, and I’m sure some of those friends have moms coming, too. Choose your pick of the litter, and find a brand new mom. This surrogate mom can come around with you and do all of the fun Moms Weekend activities you would have missed out on.

If you don’t want to have an adoptive mom for the weekend, there are other options, too. One of these options would be catching up on your studies. This weekend, all of your favorite study spots will be student free, and you’ll be able to get some tranquil study time in. Use this time to catch up on all the homework you’ve been procrastinating. A fun study spot would be the Undergraduate Library, which has a quiet area and big windows letting in natural light to brighten up your day. Maybe a coffee shop is more your speed, and this University is filled with plenty of cute options. Some possibilities would be Espresso Royale, Caffe Paradiso or Caffe Bene. I personally love Caffe Paradiso, although it’s always packed, but this weekend it will be open, perfect for grabbing a cappuccino and sitting at one of their original, artsy tables. If none of these work for you, the Union has awesome fish tanks and a Starbucks. Nothing is better than that combo.

Let’s say you don’t have any homework to do since you are an exceptionally good student. If that’s the case, this next option is for you: Have a self care weekend. This option includes face masks, painting nails and maybe some meditation. You could also catch up on your favorite TV shows! Another option is to watch some girls movies like “Pretty in Pink,” “Sixteen Candles,” “27 Dresses,” “Mean Girls,” “Bride Wars,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” or, my personal favorite, “The Proposal.” All of these are perfect with some popcorn and glass of wine. Wear a face mask, lotion your legs and take a bubble bath with your favorite show positioned precariously on the edge of the tub. Enjoy a you-centered weekend, and live a life your friends will be jealous of when they come home exhausted from their days out.

Maybe you don’t like any of these options. If this is the case, go home and see your mom. Spend the weekend relaxing with your family, and get away from the stress of school. A weekend getaway could be just what you need. Going home doesn’t mean running out on the fun; it could actually be the start. Who doesn’t love their families, or love to hate (but secretly love) their family? Go home, get out of the school mindset for the weekend and reminisce on your high school days. See the sights of your hometown, and spend the weekend enjoying the perfect spring weather with your mom.

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Even if you don’t see your mom, this weekend is what you make it.

Bella is a sophomore in Media.

[email protected]