Students prepare essential items for online classes during pandemic


Photo Courtesy of CDC

An illustration created by the CDC depicts the structure of the coronavirus. Students and faculty will adjust to partially-online classes and a socially-distanced campus during the fall semester.

By Ava Traverso

Students attending the fall semester will have to adjust to a new normal of wearing masks to class, getting tested for COVID regularly and having partial online school again. While returning to or attending school in the United States probably feels frightening and unpredictable for international students, here are several essentials to stock up on to help you stay safe and prepared for whatever this semester has in store.

Patterned/fun masks

Seeing as there is no end for mask requirements in sight (wear your mask!), you might as well get a mask that you like wearing. A way to have fun with mask requirements is to match your mask to your outfits or to have an interesting statement mask. Companies like Redbubble have masks with designs from independent artists, so it’s good knowing that your money will go to support small businesses. Many clothing brands are also coming out with their version of cloth face masks, so your favorite brands could be a source to look into for your next batch of protective wear.

Portable hand sanitizer/cleansing wipes 

While most of your classes will probably be moved online, keeping portable cleaning products within your bag could be extremely helpful in keeping you safe and healthy. Making sure to wipe down desks and surfaces you may study or work at before using them can help prevent the spread of COVID.

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These are only a couple of items within a realm of things that can help your social distancing efforts. Starting with the basics is a great way to help set a positive example when it comes to fighting the spread of COVID-19. Stay safe out there, Illini.

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