You are allowed to stay in on weekend nights


Brigida Dockus

A dorm room located at FAR.

By Jillian Little

Editors note: The photo in a previous version of this article was misrepresentation of the story. The Daily Illini Regrets this error.

There’s something about staying in on a weekend night that stresses people out. It could be the fear of missing out or the thought that you’re uncool, but it’s something that college students often experience. Staying home is almost like a stigma, but why does this stigma exist? There’s nothing wrong with taking a night to recenter any negative feelings that might’ve accumulated throughout the week. Also, considering that going out is not the smartest thing to do during a pandemic, it’s good to plan out indoor activities to avoid heavily crowded spaces.

You don’t have to enjoy activities by yourself! The beauty of the college experience is that you meet so many cool people and do things you’ve never experienced before. Hanging out might be a little different this year, but sometimes you have to work with a not-so-desirable situation. Having some fun nights in with friends serves as a safer option than going out to parties and bars. Themed nights for movies, board games, and cooking are easy to plan and relatively inexpensive. There are so many themes out there that could cater to your group’s interests, so the possibilities are virtually endless.

Maybe you want some time to yourself, which is just as important as spending time with others. Meditation and being in the presence of your thoughts is a form of self-care. You can express these feelings creatively through journaling, painting or even making a few playlists. It’s also valid, especially after a long day of classes, to not feel like reflecting. For those days, a spa night with pizza delivery and a movie could be a nice touch. The important thing is that it’s entirely up to you how to practice self-care.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel isolated or depressed, always know that there’s always someone out there who can help. Connecting with family and friends back home or even talking to a therapist could mean the difference between a good and bad week. The last thing you want to do is battle something on your own, especially during a time like this.

With this school year’s uncertainty, staying in the dorms might be a regular occurrence, even if that means not going out on the weekends. As long as you fill your time with fun interests with a small group of friends and self-care methods outside of classwork, our campus community will stay safe and socially-distanced. This quarantined life is only temporary.

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