Three RSOs give students opportunities to stay fit on campus


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An instructor leads a BeamWork class as part of CHAARG activities on Aug. 23, 2017. BeamWork helps develop strength of mind and body.

By Gabby Hajduk, Sports Editor

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ‘freshman 15,’ the phrase people use to reference freshmen gaining a lot of weight when they start college. The buffet-style dining halls and any possible food option on campus make it really easy to put on a few extra pounds during your time at college. One way to still enjoy all those food options in a healthy way is to become more active at school. Some people just enjoy working out at the ARC or CRCE or just going on a run around campus, but there are plenty of RSOs to join if you’re looking for a more fun way to stay active.


CHAARG is a health and fitness community that is located on campuses nationwide, including an Illinois affiliate. It’s a workout group for women, specifically, and aims to help women empower themselves and find the fun part of working out and staying fit in college. CHAARG incorporates all different kinds of workouts, from boxing to Zumba to weightlifting, which helps you figure out what works best for you. A lot of women can be insecure when working out or going to a big gym, so this is a great alternative to the typical ARC and CRCE options.

To contact CHAARG, visit: or (773) 870-9697

Illini Cycling

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    Illini Cycling Club is just as it sounds, a bike-riding club at the University of Illinois. The club, which was founded back in 1989, prides itself on being accessible for all members and levels of skill, ranging from casual to competitive riding. The club hosts multiple weekly rides, club meetings and skills camps. The club does not have a strict policy on how many rides or meetings you must attend, making it very easy for busy college students to still feel connected to a fun club. The rides, which vary in distance and pace, also give college students an opportunity to be flexible with their limited time and energy.

    Contact Illini Cycling Club by visiting: or [email protected]

    Illinois Climbing Club

    Rock climbing is one of the most intense bodyweight workouts I’ve ever done but also the most fun. The rock climbing club at Illinois does not require any prior experience, so it is great for students looking to try out a new way of staying healthy. Some members, however, are very experienced, so don’t hesitate to join if you do have climbing experience. There are dues for the club, but they help cover the cost of equipment and the club trip to Jackson Falls. There are frequent meetings but are not required, and most members spend a lot of their time climbing the wall at the ARC.

    For more information, visit: or

    [email protected]