Campus coffee shops are both convenient and cozy


Melissa McCabe | Senior photogra

Espresso Royale’s Feel Better Tea is a mix of the cafe’s Nighty Night, Pharaoh’s Cup and Lemon Zing — mint, chamomile and lemon teas, respectively.

By Harrison Lindholm, Staff writer

People often speak of soulmates. I always thought this was a falsehood. There was no way that someone out there was specially made for me! This is how I went through life this way until one fateful day. Destiny found me, and I have been in love, deeply in love ever since.

The day I drank coffee for the first time was the day my life changed. Coffee, that hot, dark, steamy liquid that smells oh-so-good. When a cup is made, its aroma diffuses into all available space.

There are many places to get your coffee fix in the area, and it is important to anyone who appreciates this wonderful beverage to find a favorite spot to pick up a latte, cappuccino or black light roast.

Starting with the basics, there is the store everybody knows: Starbucks. If you have awaited the return of the pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks is located in the Union, in the Illini Union Bookstore, on Green Street and on Oregon Street by Krannert on campus. It may be hard to scrape together five dollars of pennies from between the couch cushions in your apartment, but once that handmade iced venti soy vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso hits your taste buds, you will be in heaven.

If you are more interested in local flavor and a great atmosphere, you can go to one of the Espresso Royale locations on campus. The company has coffee shops on a few other campuses in the Midwest, but keeps its local coffee shop feel due to the laid-back personality of the workers, the quirky atmosphere of the décor and the locally-purchased baked goods served at each location.

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College students love Espresso Royale’s daily deals. One of the best deals is the $2 café lattes on Wednesdays, but customers also enjoy free flavor shots, $3 mocha on Mondays and $2 chai lattes on Fridays.

Another great option is to go to Caffe Paradiso on Lincoln Avenue. It has many great coffees there for your caffeine needs, but a special part of Paradiso is the tea varieties it serves. It has a full tea bar, including classics like Chamomile and more unique flavors, like the peach blossom tea.

The atmosphere in Paradiso is all that a frequent coffee shop patron could want. There are many places for you to sit and plenty of space to study. It provides free wi-fi, and the workers there make you feel as if you are being invited into their home. Coffee and tea are served in ceramic mugs. Although this shop may be far for students living on the Champaign side of campus, it is always worth the walk, and in the winter, a hot cup of tea will warm you up quickly.

Of course, as any college student living on a budget knows, buying coffee every day can get expensive. If it is between 3-6 p.m., you may want to get your coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts to take advantage of the 99 cent iced coffee. This deal is a must for any caffeine fanatic.

At any other time of the day, Dunkin’ is a good option; it has many different food items in addition to the coffee. Besides the obvious donuts, an assortment of breakfast sandwiches are offered including the fried chicken sandwich. These sandwiches and donuts make Dunkin’ a much more savory option for a quick bite than many other fast food places.

Whether you start every day off with a fresh cup of coffee or you only become an addict during finals week, there are many places to go when you need your fix. It is important that you find your place in this big coffee network, but no need to fret; all of the options are sure to leave you satisfied.

Harrison is a sophomore in DGS.
[email protected]