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Communicate your sexual needs in the bedroom

Communicate your sexual needs in the bedroom

By Zoe Lewis-Nielsen, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Knowing yourself and your needs is essential in any relationship. Sexual needs are also a significant aspect of romantic intimacy. Sexual needs have often been considered taboo in the past, especially...

A worker constructs a pizza at Mia Za’s on Green Street on Dec. 1, 2017. Mia Za’s is a gluten-free option on campus.

Navigate college food while being gluten-free

By Carolina Garibay, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

If you have celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or just want to cut gluten out of your diet, you might know how difficult finding food options can be. Maintaining a gluten-free diet may even seem more...

Fall for these autumn-inspired foods on campus

Fall for these autumn-inspired foods on campus

By Rukayah Hussein, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

Rarely does good food ever go out of season, but with fall approaching, our campus offers several specific fall food options for students to delve into this semester. Whether you are a passionate foodie...

Follow the astrology sign to your next dinner destination

Follow the astrology sign to your next dinner destination

By Casey Daly, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

People often say eating out is bad for you, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself once in a while. People also say your food choices say a lot about you, which has some hidden truth. The...

A customers browses for produce at the Blue Moon Farms stand on May 19, 2018. The Market at the Square offers a variety of locally-grown produce.

Implement community farmers markets into your grocery routine

By Ava Traverso September 21, 2020

While the current state of the world and COVID-19 has led to canceled events, one thing has remained open and accessible: the humble farmers market. The Urbana Market on the Square is going strong Saturday...

The Land Connection sells assorted root vegetables and kale at the Champaign Farmers Market on May 26. The organization strives to grow the local food economy and increase food accessibility.

Local cooking competition hopes to improve food economy

By Jillian Little, buzz Editor September 21, 2020

The Artisan Cup & Fork is a culinary competition that has fought to stop food insecurity in Champaign-Urbana for five years. Each year, local restaurants compete and prepare cuisines for guests with...

Paula Chmiel prepares an order with chips at Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant on Nov. 28, 2018. The establishment is one of several vegetarian options available in Champaign.

CU restaurants allow students to get their veg on

By Nate Sun September 21, 2020

With the restrictions that COVID-19 has caused, it can be challenging for individuals to find foods that adhere to their alternative eating styles. Thankfully, there are many restaurants in Champaign-Urbana...

Get takeout based on your favorite movie genre

Get takeout based on your favorite movie genre

By Becca Bertram, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

Everybody loves takeout as well as sitting back and watching a movie, so why not do both? The activity is perfect after a long day, but it can be a pain to figure out what to order. However, getting the...

Budget empty? Your stomach doesn't have to be

Budget empty? Your stomach doesn’t have to be

By Sydney Wood, Staff Writer September 21, 2020

If you’re looking for a nearby, budget-friendly restaurant, there are plenty of options available around campus. Campustown boasts a cluster of inexpensive eateries where students can find delicious...

Delivery options provide dinner when leaving the house is too much work

Delivery options provide dinner when leaving the house is too much work

By Andie Scherer, Staff writer September 29, 2016

My favorite social interactions are those in which a delivery man knocks on my door and says,  “Here’s your food!” And I say, “Thank you, kind sir. Many blessings upon you and your first born...

Mike Harden, 2005 University MBA alumnus, started his catering and lunch carryout food service Caribbean Grill in 2010. The business is expanding from its food truck and catering services to a permanent location, 2135 S Neil St., Champaign on Tuesday, May 30.

Hidden gems of C-U dining

By Sam Smithson, Buzz food and drink editor September 29, 2016

While students and locals alike may flock to popular restaurants like Black Dog and Papa Del’s, Champaign-Urbana offers many wonderful dining options off the beaten path for the adventurous eater. Huaraches...

A burger at the new gastropub, The Hub near campus.

The Hub provides new spot for dining, nightlife

By Isabella Jackson, Supplements editor September 29, 2016

The Hub, a new restaurant and bar, opened on the corner of First and Healey streets in September. Located on the first floor of Healey Place, a new apartment building that started leasing in fall 2016,...

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