Follow the astrology sign to your next dinner destination

By Casey Daly, Staff Writer

People often say eating out is bad for you, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself once in a while. People also say your food choices say a lot about you, which has some hidden truth. The universe determines our preferences, life experiences and feeling at any given time. Whether you’re experiencing an existential crisis, or you’re just hungry, look to the stars and find out what C-U restaurant pairs best with your zodiac sign.

Aries – Scotty’s Brewhouse

Hearty pub food and craft beer for the headstrong. Scotty’s gritty, fun environment is the perfect getaway for the Aries person, just a few blocks away from Campustown.

Taurus – Black Dog Smoke and Ale House

Taurus people crave the smoky, slow-cooked meals that remind them the best luxuries in life are sensory and never rushed. The Black Dog is open for takeout and delivery, perfect for the billowing bull to stretch out on the couch and smack on some ribs.

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Gemini – NAYA

Italian-Asian Fusion food is perfect for your two faces! Its beautiful interior design keeps the intellectual juices flowing right on Green Street because you like to be in the hub of the social scene.

Cancer – Merry Ann’s Diner

Aw, poor baby, did an Aries break your heart again? Crying crustaceans can work through their emotions culinary style at Merry Ann’s with classic diner dishes and an atmosphere that will allow you to live out your old-school, 4 a.m. Americana fantasy.

Leo – Maize Mexican Grill

Let’s face it, Leo. You want to run into someone you know. Enjoy superb, warm, golden dishes and just the right amount of flavor to satisfy the Leo soul.

Virgo – Seven Saints

Wood paneling and picturesque presentation appeal to even the highest standards of the vigilant Virgo. Snack on savory appetizers while you whittle away at your work.

Libra – Dos Reales Mexican Grill

Margarita night with the squad! Libras will flourish in the glow of Dos Reales’ upbeat environment. Plus, those $4 margarita specials look so pretty on your Instagram story.

Scorpio – MIGA

Sultry, modern and tasteful. Scorpios will drool over Miga’s sushi plates, ramen bowls and other surprises. Remember to always take a Scorpio to a place that requires a reservation, and they’re yours forever.

Sagittarius – Kung Fu Tea

Enjoy the fun, fluorescent lighting with a smorgasbord style poke bowl for low-commitment and a taste of everything.

Capricorn – Nando Milano

Classic Italian for the classic Capricorn! Sit outside on the patio with friends, or business partners, and enjoy signature cocktails and pasta.

Aquarius – Jip Bap

You’re not like the others, are you Aquarius? It’s exhausting to keep up with you, but it’s a miracle when we do. Try Jip Bap for some brand new dishes you’ve never seen before.

Pisces – The Himalayan Chimney

Quench your pandemic wanderlust at The Himalayan Chimney. This restaurant is a magical environment with dreamy Indian dishes, restorative for the Pisces soul.

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