Places to pray on campus for every religion


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Churchgoers exit St. John’s Catholic Chapel, 604 E. Armory Ave., after 5:00 mass Easter Sunday.

By Emma Palatnik, Assistant features editor

Moving to a new country can be scary. The culture, food and people are very different than back home. Finding a place to pray can add even more stress, but luckily the C-U area has religious institutions for nearly every religion.

For Baha’i, there is the Baha’i Center on 807 E. Green St. in Urbana.

The Baptist Student Foundation, on Fourth and Daniel, is part of the American Baptist Convention.

On 806 W. Michigan Ave. in Urbana is the Twin City Bible Church. They offer events there as well as around the University.

Those practicing Christian Reformed can find a home at the Hessel Park Christian Reformed Church on 700 W. Kirby Ave. in Champaign.

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There are two locations for the Church of Christ: the Christian Campus Foundation, 810 W. Oregon St. in Urbana, and the Campus Center, 2601 S. Philo Road in Urbana.

Close to the Engineering Quad is University Place Christian Church for Disciples of Christ on the corner of Wright Street and Springfield Avenue.

The Chapel of St. John the Divine, 1011 S. Wright St. in Champaign, is a place to pray for the Episcopal (Anglican) religion.

Students observing the Greek Orthodox faith can attend services at the Church of the Three Hierarchs on 2010 Three Hierarchs Court in Champaign.

The Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center, 106 S. Lincoln Ave. in Urbana, provides a place for Muslim students to pray.

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is close to the center of campus on Sixth and Green.

Jewish students have on-campus and off-campus options: Illini Hillel on Fifth and Daniel, the Chabad Center for Jewish Life on Fourth and Healey and Sinai Temple on 3104 Windsor Road in Champaign.

Those in the Latter Day Saints religion also have a location at the Church of Jesus Christ L.D.S on 604 Windsor Road in Champaign.

There are three Lutheran centers: the Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church on 702 E. Church St. in Savoy; the St. Andrews Lutheran Church, across from the Main Quad on Chalmers and Wright; and the University Lutheran Church and Student Center, behind the St. Andrews Lutheran Church.

There is the First Mennonite Church on 902 W. Springfield Ave. in Urbana, the Wesley United Methodist Church on Green and Matthews and the Presbyterian McKinley Foundation on Fifth and John.

Close to the Main Quad on 604 E. Armory Ave. in Champaign is the Roman Catholic Newman Foundation.

Located at 309 W. Green St. in Urbana is the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana-Champaign and there is the Community United Church of Christ is at 805 S. Sixth St. in Champaign.

The YMCA-YWCA is also an option directly across from the Main Quad on Wright Street in Champaign.

Emma is a sophomore in Media.
[email protected]