How to dress for the Midwestern weather


Austin Yattoni

Foellinger Auditorium in the snow on Dec. 4. While living in the Midwest, it’s important to know what is appropriate to wear during which season, writes brand manager Brooke.

By Brooke Eberle, Brand Manager

The weather in Illinois is known to be a little crazy. While areas in the southern states remain hot all year, Midwestern weather can shift from cold and snowing to hot and humid in a week. Being aware of how unstable the weather can be is essential to figuring out how to dress yourself. Always make sure to check the weather app each morning to see what it’ll be like before you leave your dorm. Below are four categories for how you can prepare for the walk to class:


For the first couples week you live on campus, the weather is going to be hot and humid. Temperatures can get up into the high 90s (over 30 degrees Celsius) so be prepared to deal with the sweltering heat. Pack lots of shorts, T-shirts and tank tops because you will not be able to walk around in jeans or sweatpants. Also, bring comfortable walking shoes like flip-flops or sandals. These are the most breathable and will help you not get too sweaty when you are running to your next class.

It also might be a good idea to pack a jacket in your backpack to wear in class. Sometimes lecture halls blast the air conditioning when it’s hot outside, so it helps to have an extra layer to throw on when you get to class.


Around October, the weather will start getting a little colder. This is the time when you break out your jeans, leggings, long sleeves, sweaters, windbreakers and anything else that will keep you warm. Feel free to add on a scarf or hat to your outfit.

Wear some closed-toes shoes like sneakers or flats. There’s no way you’ll be able to wear open-toed shoes in this weather.

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The essential part of dressing for Midwestern winters is a strong winter coat. It’s going to snow a lot and temperatures may even dip below zero degrees. I recommend investing in a sturdy winter coat because it’s going to be used every day. Wear lots of layers under your coat when you’re leaving for the day; whenever you get indoors, you can take some off as you warm up.

Also pack lots of gloves, hats and scarves to layer over you. Having extra accessories can help cover the areas that your coat can’t cover. Also, remember to buy a couple pairs of boots that won’t be damaged if they get wet from the snow.


After months of cold winter, it’ll finally be spring. During this time, it might rain a lot before you get to campus, so be prepared to get a little a muddy if you step onto the grass. An umbrella is a must-have, so buy one when you get to campus. Keep it in your backpack in case a rainstorm starts while you’re in class.

You also might want to buy a good raincoat and some rain boots to walk around in. You don’t want to damage your nice shoes in the mud, so leave those at home until the ground seems dry again.

Brooke is a senior in Media. 

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