Download apps to make your campus transition easy

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Download apps to make your campus transition easy

By Kayla Brown, Assistant buzz editor

Navigating college can seem difficult, but thankfully there are so many resources right at our fingertips. Whether you need to eat, study or get somewhere quick, there’s probably an app for that. Here are a couple apps you should probably download on move-in day to make adjusting to campus a bit easier.

Compass 2g/Blackboard

This is the application version of the website the majority of your classes will be streamlined through. You can find important documents, due dates, announcements and grades. While I’ve found personally the app isn’t as easy to navigate as the desktop version of the site, it’s handy to have if you need to check a due date or a post quickly while you’re out and about.

Uber Eats

The offerings of Uber Eats (or GrubHub, Order Up or any variation of these food delivery apps) are crucial in college. As much as you think you won’t mind walking to get food any time you’re hungry, you’ll eventually find yourself hungry at 2 a.m. when it’s 20 degrees outside, and then food delivery sounds really good. Between the several apps you can choose from, you can get pretty much anything your heart desires delivered right to your door.

Illini Bus

If you have a class that’s really far from your dorm, or you just don’t feel like walking, the Illini Bus app can help you navigate the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District bus system. At first, the bus system seems scary and confusing, but it’s actually super easy once you’ve learned all the different bus lines. This app tells you what buses are close to you, when they’re coming and what they’re routes are. It’s pretty foolproof, at least when it’s not crashing.

UIUC Dining

If you’re living in a dorm or using a University meal plan this year, this app is super helpful in figuring out what you can eat across campus. This app also keeps track of the nutritional value and your Illini Cash balance. With so many useful features, this can become one of your most important apps.


Whether you want to make a study guide or find an existing one, Quizlet is going to be one of your most frequented apps. You can find past study guides from the classes you’re currently in to study off of, or you can make an entirely new one from your own notes.

The app allows several different ways to study the content you’ve entered so you can really get to know your stuff and ace the tests you use it to study for.

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