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An I-Guide directs the family of an incoming freshman at Florida Avenue Residence Hall. Students may have options to move in early to avoid the rush of students moving in last minute.

By YooJin Son, Assistant News Editor

As much as this day can be exciting, move-in day can also probably be the first stressful event on campus for both students and their parents. From trying to find a parking space close to an entrance to waiting too long in the summer heat for a cart, move-in day has many stressful obstacles that can be easily avoided if you know what to expect and plan ahead of time. As a former resident assistant who has seen it all, here are a few things to consider before the big day.

Pack smart
Be smart when you pack to make unpacking a smooth process. Make sure you know what you need right away and what can wait in storage for a while. Organize your belongings so that whatever you need is easily accessible. This may take up a bit more time but trust me, this will save you so much time and energy than rummaging through every box and bag for one object.

Know what you have and where it’s going
While you’re packing, make things even more efficient on the big day by planning where you want to place certain belongings. Wherever you are moving into, you should be able to find a floor plan and a few photos that can give you an idea of what your living space will look like. Unpacking can become a much quicker and easier process if you even roughly sketch out where you want to place your belongings!

Keep cleaning supplies accessible
While living spaces are cleaned before new residents move in, it’s best and safe to give your room one more wipe down before unpacking all your belongings. So make sure you have some essential cleaning supplies available to use on move-in day. Here are just a few suggestions on what to bring:

  • Disinfecting wipes can truly be a lifesaver, so pick up a value pack because you are going to want more than one box.
  • Any floor cleaner can be handy, but vacuums can be on the pricy side. Floor sweeping kits are affordable and get the job done all year round.
  • If you have a private bathroom, be sure to pack some bathroom cleaning supplies. Some disinfecting cleaners and scrub brushes should be enough!

Move-in early if you can
If you have the option to move-in before the official day, do not hesitate to do so! No matter how well you have your day planned, move-in day is going to be hectic. Carts will be booked out, elevators will almost always be fully occupied and hallways will just be too narrow for residents and their parents to walk through. Moving in early will not only allow you to avoid this chaos, but it will also give you time to unpack and get to know your living space before having to meet new people. So if you have the option to move-in early, it truly is the best to do so!

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Delegate sections of the room to unpack
If you have family and friends helping you on your big day, make things easier for everyone and assign parts of your room to unpack! The person who knows what you’ve packed best is you. Without a word, it can be confusing for your family and friends to know what to do. Delegating a box or an area can move things along swiftly!

Stay hydrated and energized
Moving boxes all day in hot summer weather can quickly tire you out. Make sure to stay hydrated and energized by bringing water bottles and snacks to your big day! Don’t forget to take short breaks too!


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