What to leave at home on move-in day

By Natalie Stanowski, Assistant Special Sections Editor

With various versions of move-in day guides floating around, it can be difficult to know which things are truly essential to bring with you to campus. Your parents might be packing in whole boxes of ramen noodles and first-aid supplies “just in case.” But with limited space not only in your cramped dorm room, but on the trip there. For those who are flying in, it’s even more important to only bring the necessities with. Here are just a few of the things you should leave at home this move-in day.


Food and toiletries:

It’s tempting to have everything you need packed up in the car before you even get to campus, but items like paper towels, tissue boxes, and hygiene products will only take up valuable space in the car. Depending on the length of the trip, food may also not be a viable thing to take with, especially if it is perishable. Dry foods like cereal and cupped ramen can be bought on campus at stores such as Walmart or Aldi, so there is no need to pack it into the van with you.


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With limited space in a room you need to share with a roommate or two, appliances consume too much valuable space for the amount that you will actually end up using them. Items like blenders and toaster ovens can likely be left at home. For the coffee drinkers, consider if you really have the space for a coffee machine in your dorm. Unless you plan to be using it every day, it might be better to either buy coffees as needed, or switch to instant coffee.

Bulky electronics such as printers are another big piece of equipment that are probably best left at home. Residence halls and campus libraries offer printing services should you need it, and you won’t need to bring your own paper or ink. Other items like digital cameras can be checked-out from the Media Commons in the UGL, so be sure to leave those at home.


Ironing boards:

Let’s face it; most of us seldom, if ever, iron our clothes. Sure it might be nice to go straighten out your business outfit before an interview or career fair, but that can easily done in the residence hall laundry rooms which stock their own board and iron for you to use. The board, as well as the iron itself, take up a lot of room as well. And we all know that every bit of space counts in our closet-sized dorm rooms.


Sports gear:

Unless you are already pretty athletic or play sports regularly, sports gear and equipment will just eat up valuable space. Campus has two major gyms where you can not only get some movement in, but can rent out equipment as well. Think you’ll want to play some badminton on campus? Just rent out some racquets from the ARC. The front desks in the university residence halls will also have gear you can check-out with your student ID, so be sure to ask what equipment is available once you get to campus.


Your library:

While it may be difficult for book lovers to part with their beloved collection, your dorm room simply won’t have the space for you to store all of them. Books are heavy and take up a lot of space when moving, so only take those that have the highest sentimental value to you, or ones that you would actually find yourself re-reading (let’s be real here; we won’t have as much time to read as we think we will). If you find yourself going through the books you brought along too quickly, you always have the option of swapping some out when you’re home for breaks, Lastly, don’t forget that we have our own library here on campus; if you have too many books you think you might get the urge to read later in the semester, you can always check them out for free!


Natalie is a junior in LAS.

[email protected]