Readjust to in-person learning, campus life

By Mona Alrazzaq, Assistant News Editor

Adjusting back to an in-person world, after being used to a virtual one, can be overwhelming. Whether you are excited or reluctant to experience mostly in-person learning again, here are a few tips to make your adjustment to in-person learning and campus life a lot easier. 

Stay organized

Organizational skills are very important in order to successfully adapt back to in-person life. It no longer requires the click of a button to turn on a computer screen and be in class or a meeting, as many students did. Now, you must account for time to physically get there. By keeping a schedule with a list of classes, their times and locations, you can ensure you are punctual. 

Fix your sleep schedule

During the pandemic, a lot of people got used to sleeping and waking up late. Adjusting back to sleeping early and letting your body get the rest that it needs is important so that you feel energized and refreshed throughout the day. 

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    Take rest days

    Going back to a mostly in-person campus life means planning more social events. Right away, you might feel the urge to try everything and get your first taste of college experience. However, don’t overwhelm yourself by constantly partaking in activities and exhausting your social batteries. Try your best to fit a rest day in your schedule whenever there is room. 

    By incorporating healthy organization, sleeping and rest habits into your life, the adjustment back to an in-person life once you step foot on campus might become a little bit easier. 

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