Places to eat when cramming for an exam


Jessica Jutzi

Front of Fat Sandwich on East John Street on Sunday, Feb 28, 2016.

By Aaron Navarro, On-Air Editor

One of the biggest changes you may experience from jumping from high school to college is just how much time you will spend studying and doing homework. There is no more procrastinating until the last second for that exam you have the next morning. Your professor will probably let you know weeks in advance when that date is coming, and you will probably take a pause scrolling through Twitter during class to make a note in your calendar about that date. “No more last minute heroics for me,” you tell yourself after the last time you crammed four weeks of material into one night.

But in the case that you’re a human and find yourself having to cram, you’ll probably get a little hungry. Studying requires energy  – and sheer will – and energy requires food. Here are some of the best stops to satisfy that late night craving.


At one point you will find yourself looking up from your books through the middle windows at the UGL, and see that the skies seem a little brighter. Make no mistake; you may have pulled an all-nighter. Don’t panic. Luckily, what used to be a mobile, strictly-late night option for great breakfast burritos, has become a mainstay on Green Street.

Cracked is a great quick spot for tater tots and breakfast sandwiches, and is perfect to start your day after a long night of studying. Even if you’re not trying to sell all your hours of sleep to the UGL, Cracked is open until 3 a.m. Whether you pop in for some delicious french toast bites at 2:45 a.m. or when they open at 8 a.m., Cracked is a new, prime spot for those munchies.

Jimmy John’s

Have you ever heard that one radio commercial for Jimmy John’s? The one where someone’s house is on fire, and they call Jimmy John’s? You know, the one where each of the Jimmy John’s workers arrive and take a bucket of water to combat the fire? And then by the time the firefighters get there, they look at all the Jimmy John’s workers and ask, ‘Why didn’t you call us first?’ And then the homeowner says, ‘I did.’

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Man, that’s a clever one. But exaggerated advertisements aside, Jimmy John’s is definitely the most expedient late night option you’ll have. Give them a call before they close at 3 a.m., get your sub, and you’ll definitely be set to finish out the rest of your study session.

Fat Sandwich/Insomnia Cookies

Listen, maybe you’re a little fed up after not understanding your computer science homework. College can be hard, and studying and homework can get overwhelming. But if I’ve learned anything from binge-watching “Parks and Recreation,” it’s that at times you need to “treat yo self.” Neither of these food options are exactly rich with nutrition, but they are great for your depleted soul after a long study session.

From the decorated combinations Fat Sandwich has to offer, to the double chocolate chip ice cream sandwich that is screaming your name at Insomnia, treating yourself now will do dividends when you’re not feeling so hot after taking that midterm.

Life is short, but thankfully both Insomnia’s and Fat Sandwich’s hours are not. Both are open until 3 a.m., and feel free to order Insomnia Cookies for delivery, just in case your legs—and spirit—feel a little bit exhausted.

Aaron is a junior in Media. 

[email protected]