FINAL: UI Football vs. Iowa

By Staff Report

Current Score: Illinois 7, Iowa 24

Quarter: Fourth


  • Illinois scores with 10:00 in 2nd QTR.

31 yard TD Pass from Isiah Williams to Jacob Willis #83.

  • Iowa kicks a 45 yard field goal.

#1 scores with 10:45 left in the fourth.

  • Iowa scores with 5:55 in second QTR.

Running back Sims #28 makes 1 yard TD Run.

  • Iowa scores with 2:57 in second QTR.

Running back Young #21 makes 6 yard TD Run.

  • Iowa scores with 1:47 in second QTR.

35 yard TD Pass from Drew Tate #5 to Tony Moeaki #81


  • Juice Williams #7 throws interception with 14:11 to go in the fourth.
  • Akim Millington #69 (OL) left the game with a knee injury 3:00 left in third.
  • Juice Williams #7 Starts third Quarter
  • Tim Brasic #15 enters game with 1:53 left in second.
  • Juice Williams #7 (Freshman) started as Quarterback
  • Jason Reida misses 46 yard field goal in first.

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