NFL Week 4: Power Rankings

*1. Green Bay (3-0)*

The Packers have won the last nine games they’ve played — regular and postseason — and I don’t like it.

*2. New England (2-1)*

Suffered a tough loss to the Bills in Week Three, but the Patriots already found out that there’s no prize for finishing the regular season undefeated.

*3. New Orleans (2-1)*

Despite losing Marques Colston to injury (collarbone), the Saints have only lost one game — a tough Week One loss to the Packers. There are just too many toys for Drew Brees to play with on that offense.

*4. Detroit (3-0)*

If Stafford stays healthy, look for the Lions to make a serious push for the Wild Card … that’s a big “if.”

*5. Baltimore (2-1)*

They might not be the Ravens of old, but they do have some old Ravens. A balanced offensive attack paired with a solid defense provides a tough matchup every week.

*6. Buffalo (3-0)*

Ryan Fitzpatrick has impressed, but he’s played three teams with questionable pass defense. He’ll continue to succeed if Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller keep finding running lanes.

*7. Houston (2-1)*

The Schaub-to-Johnson connection is effective as always. The question remains: can the defense provide enough support to keep the Texans in games?

*8. Oakland (2-1)*

The Raiders may rank 26th in passing, but they are leading the league in rushing, thanks to one Darren McFadden.

*9. NY Jets (2-1)*

Until Shonne Green gets his act together, the Jets will rely heavily on the Sanchise. It’s a good thing the defense will keep them in a lot of games.

*10. San Diego (2-1)*

San Diego hasn’t really established its identity yet this year; the Chargers lost to the Patriots and their two wins came in close games against the Chiefs and Vikings (both 0-3).

*11. Chicago (1-2)*

It’s too bad the Bears won’t be able to use what’s arguably the coolest punt return I’ve ever seen again.

*12. Pittsburgh (2-1)*

The Steelers have started slow, but as long as Polamalu stays healthy they can play with anyone.

*13. NY Giants (2-1)*

Despite being riddled with injuries, the Giants have gotten off to a good start this year, plus they face the Cardinals and the Seahawks in the next two weeks.

*14. Philadelphia (1-2)*

The Eagles are currently in last place in the NFC East, but there’s plenty of games left to play.

*15. Dallas (2-1)*

The Cowboys may be 2-1, but they could just as easily be 0-3. The lack of a running game and injuries is forcing Tony Romo to do it all.

*16. Washington (2-1)*

You can only survive with Rex Grossman as your quarterback for so long.

*17. Tampa Bay (2-1)*

The Bucs have a lot of talent, but both the offense and defense have underperformed this year.

*18. San Francisco (2-1)*

It’s too bad that Patrick Willis can’t play both sides of the ball. The 49ers offense could use any help it could get.

*19. Cleveland (2-1)*

The Browns are slowly but surely improving, though their defense still doesn’t scare anyone.

*20. Tennessee (2-1)*

Chris Johnson has yet to hit the century mark for rushing this year, but with the Colts out of the question, the AFC South is up for grabs.

*21. Atlanta (1-2)*

The Falcons have had trouble establishing the run this season, which has caused Matt Ryan to turn the ball over more.

*22. Cincinnati (1-2)*

The Bengals offense should continue to be decent … until Benson’s three-game suspension begins.

*23. Denver (1-2)*

The Broncos haven’t gotten much going this year, and they head to Lambeau this week.

*24. Carolina (1-2)*

The Panthers are trying very hard to establish Cam Newton early, at the expense of DeAngelo Williams and the running game.

*25. Arizona (1-2)*

The bleeding might not stop for awhile as the Cards face the Giants, Steelers and Ravens in three of its next four games.

*26. Seattle (1-2)*

The Seahawks can’t get anything going on offense — they rank 30th in passing yards and 29th in rushing yards.

*27. Jacksonville (1-2)*

Blaine Gabbert has a lot of work ahead of him if he’s going to improve the league’s worst passing offense.

*28. Miami (0-3)*

The Dolphins’ offense is potent, but it’s going to be a while before Miami’s relevant in the playoff picture.

*29. Minnesota (0-3)*

The Vikings have lost three straight games after having at least a 10-point lead in each.

*30. St. Louis (0-3)*

On the bright side, St. Louis fans: at least the Cardinals made the playoffs.

*31. Indianapolis (0-3)*

Six words that don’t bode well for Colts fans: Curtis Painter is set to start.

*32. Kansas City (0-3)*

The Chiefs are my favorite to win the Andrew Luck lottery next year.

_Kevin is a sophomore in Media. He can be reached at [email protected]_