This week’s Illini Drive @ 5 highlights

*National question: Who is the most overrated team in college football?*

*Jacob Bleyer:* I’ll go with Georgia Tech. The ACC is terrible, there’s nobody good in that conference. They don’t play anybody good until they play Clemson, which is a few weeks away.

*Big ten question: Is wisconsin going to the national championship?*

*Max Tane:* I think a team needs to fall in front of them. But how can you not be amazed with what they are doing? Russell Wilson is incredibly accurate, they have an offensive line that is bigger than the Packers, and they got two solid running backs. Wisconsin is for real.

*Illinois question:* Does the jonathan brown suspension affect the indiana game?

*Spencer Turkin:* It doesn’t. They’re playing IU. They got lucky this was the game he was suspended for.