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Maddon, managers don’t guarantee pennants

Maddon, managers don't guarantee pennants

By Sam Sherman

October 31, 2014

Joe Maddon will be the next manager of the Chicago Cubs. Does this mean the Cubs will win the World Series next year? Of course not! It means they will win EVERY World Series for the rest of time! Obviously I’m joking … or am I? Yes, I’m joking. Maybe. I think this was a really nice hire for the C...

Engineering professor receives ASC Fellowship

Dr. Harry Hilton, professor emeritus in Aerospace Engineering, right, with former Ph.D student Alister Fraser in 1965.

September 10, 2014

Harry Hilton, professor emeritus in aerospace engineering, has recently been named a 2014 Fellow of the American Society for Composites. Hilton began teaching at the University in 1949, when the aerospace engineering program was still in its infancy — only five years old at the time.  Since then, h...