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College of Medicine continues dean search, accreditation, fundraising

Carle Foundation Hospital as seen from University Avenue. The Carle Illinois College of Medicine recently appointed two leadership members to permanent positions.

By Megan Jones

May 9, 2016

While the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s timeline to initiate its first class in 2017 has been pushed back to 2018, Carle Health Systems and the University is working to ensure that accreditation, dean selection and fundraising are all in place. This is the first new college the University...

Engineering looks to continue collaborations

By Vivienne Henning

February 1, 2016

Engineering and medicine, on the surface, appear to be separate fields in separate colleges. But, the College of Engineering and the new College of Medicine — which will open in 2018 — are working together to have their students be involved in a curriculum that enables them to learn about...

University’s Engineering program ranked number four in the world

By Fatima Farha

August 30, 2015

One of the largest engineering colleges in the nation, the College of Engineering here at the University is also one of the best. In the past few years, it has made it to the list of top 10 engineering schools in the nation, according to the college’s website. Recently, it was recognized as number four on...

Killeen announces transition team for College of Medicine

By Charlotte Collins

August 25, 2015

President Timothy Killeen announced a transition team Monday, which will work on facilitating the development of the Carle-Illinois College of Medicine.The team and its goals were announced by Killeen through a massmail sent to University faculty.The team is chaired by Greg Freund, head of the Department of P...

UIUC Summer 2015 Recap

August 24, 2015

Here are the UIUC news you may have missed this summerThe written stories:Athletics:Former Illini football player attacks Beckman on TwitterFormer soccer player sues University Illini women's basketball investigation: no evidence of racism, abuse Wise:Wise resigns as chancellor, will earn $300,000 as professor in MCB Salaita:Court sides with Salaita in release of documentsS...

Jump Simulation Center to train future College of Medicine students with technology

By Mariah Schaefer

July 19, 2015

When the Carle-Illinois College of Medicine opens its doors to students in approximately three years, a new technological facility will help prepare medical professionals for a future in a technology-driven field. The creation of the Jump Simulation Center, which was announced in late June, was made p...

UI to consolidate Chicago College of Medicine regional program in Urbana

By Maggie Sullivan

May 11, 2015

The Board of Trustees Academic and Student Affairs committee met Wednesday to discuss what committee chair, Karen Hasara, said will be a challenging year ahead. “This board is being asked to make decisions that no Board of Trustees ever has before,” Hasara said. “We’re extremely concerned about ho...

Board of Trustees to discuss College of Medicine and budget cuts Thursday

By Maggie Sullivan

May 11, 2015

The Board of Trustees will meet Thursday for the final time this academic year to discuss the Carle-Illinois College of Medicine and budget cuts, among other recommendations.It will be the last Board of Trustees meeting for President Robert Easter, where he is expected to receive the title President ...

Urbana campus pushes for engineering-based College of Medicine

December 16, 2014

The University is trying to create a new type of student studying medicine — one who is grounded with compassion and care but also in tune with technology and engineering-based applications. The Urbana campus has proposed creating its own College of Medicine, which will fuse engineering, computing, heal...