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Dancers perform “Virago-Man Dem.” The production was created by University professor Cynthia Oliver to celebrate black masculinity. Two of the dancers, Duane Cyrus and Niall Jones, are University alumni whom Oliver recruited for the show.

Dance production celebrates black masculinity

By Megan Bradley, Staff writer January 16, 2018

Cynthia Oliver, a professor in the dance department and associate vice chancellor for research in the humanities, arts and related fields, has culminated her work, research and the passion of many years...

UI dance graduating seniors perform thesis fall concert

By Mariah Schaefer December 6, 2015

The audience strolled into Dance Rehearsal Krannert long before the concert started on the second floor of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Family, friends and dance enthusiasts were there...

The Art Theater Co-op hosts inaugural Dance Film Festival

By Alexander Vassiliadis September 17, 2014

A theater has a wide variety of purposes. From movies to gatherings, certain theaters specialize in showing different types of art, and for The Art Theater Co-op, a combination of dance and film took place...

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