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Senate Executive Committee discusses letters on academic freedom, Center for Advanced Study cuts

By Christin Watkins

November 10, 2015

The Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, CAFT, has received and reviewed letters critizing the state of academic freedom and the Appropriate Use of Policy, AUP, at the University.David O’Brien, CAFT chair and art history professor, said the Foundation for Indiviual Rights in Education, FIRE, ...

SEC discusses Appropriate Use Policy, research budget cuts

By Christin Watkins

November 10, 2015

The Senate Executive Committee’s Academic Freedom and Tenure committee reviewed letters from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) criticizing the University’s Appropriate Use Policy (AUP), committee chair David O’Brien said.FIRE aims “to defend and sustain individual righ...

UI AAUP chapter to hold censure discussion

By Imogen Lindsley

October 19, 2015

On Tuesday, Harry Hilton,CC president of the UI chapter of the American Association of University Professors, will mediate the chapter’s open discussion, “AAUP Censure, Academic Freedom, and Criminal Background Checks,” in the Illini Union.Discussions on academic freedom and faculty governance have become incr...

Faculty members to discuss censure, background checks

By Daily Illini Staff Report

October 9, 2015

The University chapter of the American Association of University Professors will hold a public discussion about censure on Oct. 20.The discussion will be led by three faculty panelists and will focus on issues that developed from the AAUP's decision to censure the University as well as the Board of Trustees proposal to require background checks for all new employees.Harry Hi...