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Illegal Downloading: The loss of music’s value

Illegal Downloading: The loss of music’s value

By Darrah Perryman

November 20, 2014

Here, in this enclosed space, the concept of illegally downloading music or streaming songs for free is obsolete. Here, the music consumes the intimate room and the pure simplicity of the art ignites fire within the audiences’ eyes. Here, the notes chase each other up and down the room’s walls an...

Alcohol poisoning immunity legislation makes its way to House floor

By Eleanor Black and Megan Jones

February 13, 2014

Overview of legislation Beginning as a campus-wide act, the Alcohol Poisoning Immunity Bill, HB2341, has grown into what may soon be state-wide legislation. While the bill currently stands as the “unwritten code” for the University, former Illinois Student Body President Brock Gebhardt wished to...