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Best and easiest dorm room snacks to keep on hand

August 14, 2014

When moving into your new residence hall, one major concern is your new food source: the dining hall. Whether you live at PAR, ISR, the six pack or any of the dorms on campus, be sure to know that your dining hall will inconvenience you at some time, and probably more than once. Whether it’s the f...

Illinois seeks to restore Braggin’ Rights

Illinois seeks to restore Braggin’ Rights

By Shannon Ryan

December 21, 2013

Last season was John Groce's first experience as part of the annual Braggin' Rights rivalry series against Missouri. It left an impression. "There was more emotion to the game than what I thought," the Illinois coach said. "We got caught up in that, but that can be a good thing if you can balance it."...