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Fantasy Doctor: Hit the books

By Joey Figueroa

August 17, 2015

With August nearing its end and back-to-school sales everywhere you turn, summer 2015 is just about over. It’s time to buckle down and hit the books, kids. Study, research, analyze and repeat.Oh, I’m talking about fantasy football, if that wasn’t clear.Yes, boys and girls, with another semeste...

Marching Illini performs at Soldier Field

Marching Illini performs at Soldier Field

September 29, 2014

The stadium is about the same capacity as Memorial Stadium. It feels familiar too — the fans are all clad in orange and blue. But there’s a big difference. It’s Soldier Field. There’s about 62,000 fans in the stands, most of whom aren’t cheering on the Illini but screaming at the Chicago Bears ...