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Bibles set to stay in Union Hotel for the foreseeable future

By Adam Kaz December 1, 2015

By Adam KazStaff WriterThe Freedom From Religion Foundation has a history of removing Bibles from public institutions, specifically universities.Northern Illinois University decided to remove the Gideon’s...

UI alumnus creates new online study platform

By Yi Zhang October 28, 2015

It’s not uncommon for University students to bounce from Compass to Moodle and back to keep up with classes, but now some students will have to add another site to the mix.Study Cloud, founded by University...

Mary Joan Evans ‘putts’ ‘Evans’ into Evans Scholars House

Mary Joan Evans ‘putts’ ‘Evans’ into Evans Scholars House

By Mara Shapiro March 11, 2014

Imagine coming from an all-girls school on the south side of Chicago to the University of Illinois. Then imagine doing the same thing, except coming to the University to live in a house where the residents...

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