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Some think the label of “felon” stigmatizes ex-criminals

By Christin Watkins

October 18, 2015

Former governor George Ryan — who was convicted of fraud and racketeering charges in 2006 — recently called for legislation to end labeling people as “felons” once they serve their prison sentence. SORebecca Ginsburg, director of the Education Justice Project, supports informing peopl...

Reclaiming natural beauty through hair

Reclaiming natural beauty through hair

February 4, 2015

I couldn’t see the cold, unfamiliar hands disappear within my thick patch of curls claiming ownership over my head. But I felt them.   Seemingly everywhere I looked — long, straight, luscious hair spilled down the backs of women. Meanwhile, my hair barely kissed my shoulders, and despite my effor...

Illinois men’s basketball freshmen stepping up

Illinois men’s basketball freshmen stepping up

By Johnathan Hettinger

February 11, 2014

With 26 seconds left, the shot clock winding down and Illinois leading by one, the Illini found themselves in a familiar position Sunday. In Illinois’ last two trips to State College, Pa., Penn State had a knack for knocking off the Illini in the closing seconds. Two seasons ago, Tim Frazier hit a ju...