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A favorite among students, a line forms outside Kam's on Friday, Mar. 4

By Daily Illini Staff Report

March 7, 2016

Students and visitors celebrated “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day” on Friday, a popular event presumably started in 1996 by campus bar owner Scott Cochrane.AGThough the non-University sanctioned holiday was initially created to drive St. Patrick’s day celebrations to local barsAG, emergency orders...

Interactive: West of campus saw most ticketing during Unofficial 2015

The red circles are sized proportionally to the number of incidents reported at a location during Unofficial 2015. View our interactive map here.

By Tyler Davis

March 4, 2016

During Unofficial Saint Patrick's Day 2015, Champaign, Urbana and University police officers issued 138 citations, according to data received from the police departments. Check out our interactive map of last year's incident reports from Unofficial here....

What's the cost of Unofficial?

By Aaron Navarro

March 3, 2016

Many students are ramping up for this Friday, putting their green on and amping up for the Unofficial festivities. But what what could it cost a student’s wallet if their Unofficial experience goes wrong?Tickets vary based on different types of offences and their circumstances, for example a ticket for pu...

Warmer weather, balconies top list of “Unofficial” concerns for police

Warmer weather, balconies top list of “Unofficial” concerns for police

By Joseph Longo

March 3, 2016

With 40 degree temperatures expected on Friday, Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebrations may pose a problem for local law enforcement.“Unofficial is a completely weather-driven event,” Champaign Police Sgt. Joe Ketchem said. “Weather drives people in from the balconies and the houses.”With seasonab...

Campus bars not only businesses impacted on Unofficial

By Lilly Mashayek

March 3, 2016

Each year, Unofficial draws both University students and visitors to the many businesses located around Campustown, which can be a big boost to some popular campus locations.“We definitely get more customers,” said Kyle Spesard, general manager of Jimmy John’s on Green Street.He said the restaur...

The 5 sports jerseys you'll see on Unofficial at Illinois

The 5 sports jerseys you'll see on Unofficial at Illinois

By Kevin McCarthy

March 2, 2016

Sports jerseys may as well be legally required to get into campus bars. So much so that they seem to be more important than actually being of legal age.But that’s a discussion for another day.I’ve seen every jersey from Donald Duck to Yao Ming on Green Street. There’s a lot of in-between on th...