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Science at the Market integrates community with scientific disciplines

Science at the Market integrates community with scientific disciplines

By Thomas Block, Contributing writer

October 2, 2017

Before the majority of groggy University students lifted themselves out of bed, the downtown farmers market was already a festive explosion of shimmering hues, crisp smells and delectable tastes, with plenty of locally grown products available. However, food wasn’t the only thing around that crowds were...

Red Herring: serving Vegan food for a purpose

Welcome Art at Red Herring.

By Emily Scott

April 14, 2015

On a warm April evening, Durl and Jan Kruse relaxed with their friends after they finished a Japanese-fusion meal at the Red Herring, Urbana’s first all-vegan restaurant. Jan showed off two loyalty cards covered in little red herring-shaped stamps.  “I’m saving this one for a friend,” she said.  ...

Dish of the Week: Spaghetti Squash

Topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, spaghetti squash contains a quarter of the calories of its pasta counterpart. 

By Elizabeth Dye

December 4, 2013

As Thanksgiving break has come to a close, students may have noticed their jeans fitting a bit more snuggly than usual and their belts needing to be buckled notch or two looser. While the surplus of unhealthy yet delicious homemade dishes served during the holidays might have contributed to this weight ...