Basketball player apologizes

By Richard McBride

I would like to take one more opportunity to tell the community, fans, students, faculty and anyone else connected to the University of Illinois that I am terribly sorry for the negative light that I brought to the University. I made a very poor decision last fall, and this being my senior year, I feel that I should have been a leader and used better judgment.

I would also like to thank all the fans for sticking by me and supporting me as I dealt with the situation I brought upon myself, and more importantly for supporting me and cheering me on throughout the four years that I have spent here. Growing up in Springfield, Illinois, my dream since I was a kid was to be part of the Fighting Illini and play in the Assembly Hall. It was a wonderful experience making that dream come true.

Most importantly, I have this semester to finish out my classes followed by an internship in the summer and then I will accomplish my number one goal, which is to earn my degree from this prestigious university. Thank you all again! These last four years have been very special to me and I’ll always be an Illini.

Richard McBride

senior in AHS

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    Former Illini guard