Stay here for the summer!

By Danielle Gaines

You know how you think you had “the best summer ever” every single year? I have been to a lot of places and done a lot of things during the dog days, but staying in Champaign ranks high on my list of the best summers. The top reasons you should stay in Champaign over the summer:

No parents

The one sentence I know I will not hear this summer is “Danielllllle! Wake uuuuuppp!” Don’t you hate when your mom yells that on her way out to work when you would rather just lay in bed? So stay here and don’t deal with it. The other bonus: you control the level of the air conditioning.

Road trips

So, I am not saying you shouldn’t make a cameo appearance in the hometown; its actually the perfect excuse for a road trip – and what is better than a good road trip?

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Free time

No class. No test. Lots of time for naps. You might even have time to crack open a few books and read for pleasure.

Campustown becomes friendlier

You know how you walk past the same people each day during the school year? Well, the same thing happens during the summer time, but there are far fewer people, so you actually get to know those frequent passers-by.

Better bar experience

The campus bars also get better. There are great drink specials and if you become a frequent visitor, you will inevitably strike up a summer friendship with a bartender – and you know what benefits that has. Sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name!

New opportunities

Staying in Champaign for the summer allows you to venture out into the cities and take in some of the local flavor that you simply don’t have the time for during the year. Take some time to see a movie at the Virginia Theatre or visit a local festival.

Bags and barbecue

How many people back home have a bags setup? Champaign is the place to be for lazy summer afternoon tournaments.

Good friends

There is just something about summer that turns “good friends” into “better friends” and sometimes even “best friends.” By the end of summer, you will also know where every “free” pool in the cities is thanks to your new network of friends.

Danielle Gaines is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected].