Candidate demands attention

By Nick Wolff

An article like “Presidential campaigns become digital” (from the 7/9/07 edition of the Daily Illini) is not complete without mentioning Dr. Ron Paul, Republican candidate for president. He’s currently ranked 40th in number of subscribers among all people who have uploaded videos on YouTube. No other candidate is in the top 100. He has twice the subscribers of Barack Obama and twice the subscribers of all other Republican candidates combined.

Dr. Paul isn’t just an Internet phenomenon. He’s third on the Republican side in cash-on-hand with $2.4 million. John McCain has only $2 million, and Mitt Romney would have not much more than $3 million if it weren’t for a $9 million loan to his campaign from his personal wealth.

On the issues, Dr. Paul is the leading advocate for limited constitutional government. He voted against the authorization to go to war in Iraq and would end it immediately if elected president.

No look at the presidential candidates in this historic 2008 election is complete without considering Ron Paul.

Nick Wolff

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