Edwards decision shocking

By Bruce Weber

As a resident of North Carolina, I found it shocking that the fine students of the University of Illinois would actually want John Edwards to speak on campus, and more importantly, that you would pay this con artist to do so… Have you been drinking too much champagne, rather than living in the city with the same name?

Let me tell you what those of us in the Tar Heel state think of our former senator: not much! And that was before we found out this two-timer was having an affair while his beloved wife was battling cancer. Real class act, that Johnny Boy.

John Edwards may rank as one of the all-time worst senators in the history of this state. The only thing he did while in office was travel the country trying to advance his own agenda.

Correction, we now know what he also did on those many trips.

While away from his multimillion dollar spread he campaigned on a platform of fighting poverty. And now this hypocrite is charging you good people over $60,000 to listen to his propaganda.

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    And he’s also reportedly raised his speaking fees. I’d like to say the guy has nerve, but remember, I’ve lived in North Carolina during the John Edwards political era.

    What in the name of Ron Zook are you good people thinking?

    Bruce Weber

    Raleigh, North Carolina