Ayers’ positive influence

By Jeanine Russell

The article posted in today’s Daily Illini about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers is ridiculous and, despite the writer’s intentions, has an air of satire. There is nothing to be taken seriously about it. “[A]n unrepentant communist terrorist?” Really? Slow down Joseph McCarthy. Do you know anything about Bill Ayers? Such as: he teaches at UIC in the education department. He’s responsible for founding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which raises money for schools, and is a program Ayers started and Obama was chairman for. The committees Obama and Ayers worked on were for education. That doesn’t sound so horrible, does it? A presidential candidate working on programs with other qualified people to support education is now something to frown upon? Ayers’ achievements in Chicago, as a teacher, writer, and activist in the community are extraordinary. In fact, Obama’s associations with Ayers only make me more likely to vote for him in the coming election. Ayers is an intelligent man who not only has incredible ideas but also has the initiative to put them in action. If he were not, he would not hold the positions he does at UIC or in the Chicago-area. If you would take the time to do some research instead of libeling people with opposing opinions, then maybe you would see that as well. The reason the association between Obama and Ayers has not been brought to attention is because it isn’t negative. You do not have to condone Ayers’ past, but it is ignorance to act like he has not been a positive influence since then.