ACE IT problems ongoing

On Monday, Sept. 22, I read the article ACE IT Class Passes with Flailing Colors. I think Annie had the right idea. When I went to ACE IT last year, the skit was comical because it didn’t offer any alternative to drinking as a way to have fun. I guess we were supposed to discuss that in our discussion sections, but all the facilitators did was tell us, FRESHMEN, where to get the best drink specials. We shouldn’t know that. I e-mailed the ACE IT directors, who are actually adults, and they basically wrote-off my experience and said that it could not have possibly happened.

This, and my high school S.A.D.D. (Students Against Dangerous Decisions) group, prompted me to begin the group Students for Positive Choices here at the University. It’s funny, because after a year of running the group, I have talked to many other students who had the same experience at ACE IT as Annie and I did. But that couldn’t have possibly happened, right?

Patricia Richardson

Sophomore in LAS

President of Students for Positive Choices

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