What about DeBrock?

White, Herman … what about DeBrock? The Admissions Review Commission named DeBrock as a knowledgeable participant in clout admissions. Yet, he maintains his position with no signs of stepping down.

As a student of the College of Business, this infuriates me. My College emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct in all aspects of business. It is a core component of every single business-related class, and is drilled into business students’ minds continuously. The fact that DeBrock remains as the dean of a college that emphasizes ethics so heavily is simply hypocritical, and every moment he spends as dean only further damages the college’s reputation. It’s not a secret, and it’s not going away.

I suggest Dean DeBrock follow the example set by President White and Chancellor Herman, and resign before this situation becomes worse than it already has.

Joseph Freund

junior in Business