Create your mom’s perfect Moms Weekend

By Aristides Theodoropoulos, Contributing Writer

Hi there! Is your mom coming into town for the party? What party you ask? The event that celebrates all things mom; the celebration of the year that is dedicated to the givers of life.

Have you still not thought about what events you and your mom are going to be partaking in? Even if other family members are joining in on the fun, keep in mind this weekend is Moms Weekend. Moms do not always get to feel like plans revolve around them, so let’s make her the forefront of our conversation. What conversation you ask? You ask a lot of questions! I’m glad you did because I am  going to help you initiate that thought-provoking mind of yours to determine what your mother is like, and how you can decide what to do based on that information. Did somebody say profoundly helpful? That’s right (but I already knew that).

Here  is a question to kick-start that inner discussion in your head:

What kinds of interests does my mom have?

Creative Moms

  Is she more of an creative mother that enjoys crafting or making art? Perhaps she enjoys observing exhibits or watching a performance of some sort?

  I think we all know what a mother with this personality type would like … Krannert Art Museum! Take her to the phenomenal art exhibits we have going on in town! They even have some tours for all those special ladies making their way to C-U this weekend!

  Boneyard Arts Festival? Yes, please! Here you’ll find locals’ art all in one place.

  The 15th annual festival of quilts? Calling all artsy moms!

  Moms Weekend craft fair? This is a paradise for all the creative moms!

Social Moms

  Is she more of a sociable mother who wants to get to know everybody? Is she the type of mother who wants to meet all your friends so she can nag you about the ones she doesn’t approve of? (If so, maybe keep her away from your friends.) Does she enjoy the occasional bar outing with her gals?

  Green Street is an obvious choice.

  If your mom prefers fancier joints, perhaps downtown Champaign would be a smarter idea.

  How about a planned party so she can meet all of your besties? (Caution advised!)

Intellectual Moms

  Is your mom more of the intellectual type, the one who enjoys conversations about science and literature? Perhaps she enjoys all things life and what it means to be human? We have events on deck for you, too. Don’t you worry all you intellectual moms!

  LabEscape? Escape to a lab? Heck yeah! Show your mom the kind of science we do here at the University!

  Plant Biology Greenhouse open house? Any mom would enjoy this place, especially one interested in science. I’ve been, and it’s incredibly gorgeous.

  The 14th Annual C-U Edible Book Festival? Yummy in my tummy. Imagine if you could read a book by eating it.

Of course, these are all generalizations. However surface level these personality types are, I’m sure this scaffold will aid you in your quest in creating the perfect weekend plan for you and your mother.

Aristides is a junior in LAS.

[email protected]