Your mom’s favorite drink says a lot

By Bella Keys, Contributing Writer

If one of your mom’s favorite pastimes is cracking open a cold beer, this means she’s one of the chillest moms around. More than likely, she’s always down for a night of sitting at the bar and relaxing or maybe casually sipping something while eating takeout. Whatever her jam is, it’s definitely one that involves loosening up while simultaneously staying comfortable. This means your mother is low maintenance and perhaps a bit lucky. I mean, no one can get mad at the girl with a beer in her hand. In fact, most would even be impressed. All in all, your mom never lets the small things faze her.

Maybe a glass of wine is more your mom’s style. If this is the case, she’s likely to be an elegant woman. I’ll bet your mother enjoys dressing up in her fanciest clothes and heading out to black tie parties. Or, maybe she loves relaxing on the couch as she watches reality TV. Whatever the case, your mom is a refined woman, brimming over with wisdom and good taste. I would go to her if you ever need help getting ready for a big event or if there’s a boy who broke your heart. The two of you can sip wine out of long-stemmed glasses with your pinkies up as you reminisce over what he should have said to you.

Pour the bubbly! Add the OJ! If your mom is into champagne, then she’s the life of the party. You know you’re going to have a good time this weekend when she arrives, as she always brings the drinks and the fun. To her, life is a celebration, and she is the entertainment. I’m sure she dresses in the latest fashions and keeps you up to date on what’s in and what’s out. Your mom is outgoing and exciting, and spending time with her is always a bit of an adventure. In other words: Your mom is absolutely fabulous and she knows it.

Next up is the classic tequila, lime and salt combo. If this is your mom’s drink of choice then you know she can get any crowd going. In her mind, there is only one wrong answer to “More shots?” and that answer is no. She will be the one out in the middle of the party dancing her heart out and showing everyone she has no worries. Your mom is an adventurous, thrill-seeking woman who can always keep things interesting and exciting. A woman like her has taught you to be bold, to be yourself and to never let life be anything remotely close to boring.

Maybe your mom doesn’t drink, and that’s totally okay, too! Moms who don’t drink know how to have fun without having alcohol involved. I’m sure she’s shown you plenty of other fun activities you two can do together that do not involve drinking. Having a sober mom means your mom is very responsible, and when she gets bored of the party, she leaves. There’s plenty of entertainment at home, too. Plus, a mom who doesn’t drink is a mom who has the ultimate level of self-confidence, a trait that I’m sure she’s passed on to you. This weekend, enjoy yourselves with a nice glass of seltzer, and see what kind of mischief that brings you.

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There’s no wrong choice to what your mom drinks, there is fun in everything.

Bella is a sophomore in Media.

[email protected]