Best of CU: Best Bathroom

By Sydney Wood, Assistant Editor

What’s the best place on campus that regularly reps orange and blue?

If you’re thinking of the soap dispensers in the Lincoln Hall bathrooms, you’re absolutely right. When you’re not busy rubbing Abraham Lincoln’s nose for good luck before an exam or vibing in the Lincoln Hall courtyards, be sure to check out the building’s biggest attraction: its bathrooms, obviously. 

With its sleek silver bathroom stall doors and motion-sensor sinks, it’s no surprise why these bathrooms are popular among University students and faculty alike. The Illini-themed orange-and-blue soap dispensers are the most colorful component of the modern-looking bathroom that features a slate-grey floor and cream-colored wall tiles. 

If you’re looking to steal a couple of rolls of toilet paper, you’ve come to the wrong place – unless you know how to lockpick. Because of college students’ unfortunate yet insatiable urge to steal toilet paper rolls – and other relatively cheap household necessities, as shown in the suspicious number of silverware missing from the dining halls – padlocks prevent students from stealing full rolls from the bathrooms, which is an admittedly common occurrence in a majority of on-campus bathrooms.

So if you’re ever feeling down and need more orange-and-blue soap dispensers in your life, remember to keep the Lincoln Hall bathrooms on your list of must-visit campus attractions. 

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