New staff brings fresh ideas to the DI

By Heather Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

As we embark on the new semester, I’m reflecting on the state of The Daily Illini a year ago today. We were operating through a means that was no longer sustainable, and the future of our publication became unclear. Bold changes were imperative.

In confronting such challenges, our staff proved that we can and will overcome any obstacle. Instead of letting issues we faced demotivate us, we viewed them as opportunities for innovation. 

We hold an undeniable privilege to perform as independent student journalists amid the downfall of similar publications across the country. Because of this, we feel lucky, but luck isn’t the only reason for our perseverance. We wouldn’t remain without the support of you: our readers. We thrive on this staff’s dedication to serving readers through storytelling, watchdogging and wave making; attitudes that are being passed down to the next generation of staff.

To our outgoing Editor in Chief, Diana Anghel: Thank you for inspiring each and every one of us to fight for what we care about through dire times. Heading into the new year none of this momentum has diminished. 

There is never a time our staff is settling for our current state, as we are constantly evolving alongside the future of journalism. In preserving print tradition, we are continuing with our tabloid editions once per week, but our focus is primarily on expanding virtually with the website and through an elevated social media presence.  We will direct more attention to multimedia modes of storytelling, and we will continue to find new ways to share our stories with you.

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    As we continue to ameliorate ourselves, I want to personally invite any and all feedback. Your wants and needs are important to us, and we are always listening with eager ears. And to our readers and staff alike: Thank you for bearing with me through uncharted waters and for vitalizing The Daily Illini with your enduring passion for the news. Let’s get to work.

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