12 months of features

By Cecilia Milmoe, Matt Troher and Yuzhu Liu


Making a home: Black Greek life on campus

By Dara Stack

Staff Writer

Until 1945, Black students were not permitted to live on campus. However, by creating their own housing through Greek life, they could. The Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha — the first Greek-letter organization for African American women — was officially chartered at the University of Illinois on Feb. 12, 1914, marking the beginning of Black Greek life on campus.

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Students say social media causes negative body image, eating disorders

By Cecilia Milmoe

Features Editor

As social media usage continues to increase, more people find themselves regularly scrolling through apps like TikTok and Instagram. However, many students have found that these apps can have negative impacts on their body image and self-esteem. Students explained the impact these sites have had on them, and professionals discussed how to combat the negative impact of social media on body image.


Ramadan comes to campus

By Fizza Hassan 

Staff Writer

Muslim students welcomed Ramadan, the ninth month of the Lunar Islamic calendar and the most sacred time in Islamic culture. For 30 days, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, participate in prayer and reflect with their community. Muslim students discussed how they planned to manage their semester workload with Ramadan while also maintaining a healthy work/study balance.


Yung Gravy whips up the sauce at Spring Jam

By Matt Troher and Nicole Littlefield

Assistant Features Editor and Assistant Copy Chief

The University’s annual Spring Jam concert series continued this year with a visit from Yung Gravy. The Minnesotan rapper with a flair for showmanship and an affinity for older women graced campus with his presence, performing some of his most beloved songs such as “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot,” and “oops!” Despite a last-minute venue switch to the State Farm Center due to inclement weather, hundreds of students attended the free concert and took a proverbial ride on the gravy train.


Illinois scientists contribute to groundbreaking black hole image

By Rebecca Oriza

Staff Writer

For the first time, scientists were able to capture the image of Sagittarius A* — the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. Among the hundreds of dedicated scientists involved in this monumental event were professors and graduate students from the University of Illinois. Team members from the University helped to devise interpretations of the imaging, among other things.


Campus History: University observes Juneteenth for first time

By Cecilia Milmoe and Matt Troher

Features Editor and Assistant Features Editor

In 2021, President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law, designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Although this was the first year the University observed Juneteenth — a holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans — the holiday has been observed by members of the Champaign-Urbana community for decades prior. The holiday serves as a time to reflect on Black history, and the role Black organizers have had in shaping both the University and the wider C-U community.


College advice your mom won’t give you

By Gwyn Skiles

Staff Writer

Many students will leave for college with imparted wisdom from their parents. However, there are many situations that parents can’t prepare their kids for. From advice on how to discover yourself to how to be courteous to your neighbors in the dorms, there are plenty of things you can only learn from other students.


Phi Mu’s ‘fearless’ fighter remembered at ‘Swifties’ night

By Faith Allendorf and Sarah Bond

Managing Editor for Reporting and Staff Writer

Junior and Phi Mu sister Ava Shaw was one of the main organizers behind the first Swifties Night at Joe’s Brewery in March. Unfortunately, after a battle with a heart condition, Shaw didn’t make it to see her and her friends’ creation for the second time. Memories of Shaw filled the August Swifties Night as friends dedicated the event to the late fearless fighter.


Grainger research aims for the skies

By Conor Blount

Staff Writer

Known for its top-ranked engineering programs, the University is recognized as one of the premier research institutions in the nation. The University alums who helped create YouTube and PayPal have become household names among students. However, not many know about the Grainger researchers leading space missions on campus. These lesser-known innovations touch people’s lives and may lead to the next big thing. 


In loving memory of Pinto Bean

By Lillie Salas

Staff Writer

A legacy recognized during Illini football’s Homecoming Game belongs to Pinto Bean, a beloved squirrel who frequented the University campus. Known among students as an unofficial mascot, Pinto Bean used to brighten onlookers’ days. The passing of the popular star devastated many, and the impact of Pinto Bean remains to those remembering.


Abortion remains important to student voters

By Yuzhu Liu

Assistant Features Editor

For many people, abortion access was one of the biggest issues at stake in this year’s midterm elections. Despite Illinois’ current abortion legislation, many were worried that losing it could be only one election away. Students and locals said the overturning of Roe v. Wade largely impacted the way they voted.


Early graduates share college experience advice

By Lena Brockway

Contributing Writer

With the fall semester coming to an end, some seniors are expecting to finish their four-year undergraduate education on an earlier schedule. Early graduates reflected on their college experience and offered advice to current students. With an untraditional graduation, these wintertime graduates are looking forward to the post-graduation world. 


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