Essential clothes and supplies for freshmen

By Brooks Berish, Assistant supplements editor

As the start of the new school year approaches, incoming freshmen will need to start making a list of what to bring along with them. Assuming that most of the freshmen aren’t staying in a spacious suite, it would serve them best to get down only the most practical and vital materials on the list before they start packing the extra stuff.

This allows them to save precious space in their new little home and to roughly determine how many other amenities they can bring in addition to the essentials. These ‘essentials’ can range from anything to a lamp to a hefty amount of underwear, but there are certain items that I have learned to be indispensable in college life.

First, one should acquire a durable raincoat and an umbrella that is small enough to carry around with you on an ugly day, but large enough to protect both you and your backpack from getting soaked.

Sure, it’s great if you make it back to the dorms unscathed but having a backpack full of soggy homework is not quite ideal.

Next on the list: a parka. For those of you unfamiliar with this terminology – perhaps you are from the West Coast– it is a dense, warm, and waterproof wind coat with a hood to protect you from the snowy weather. Then again, if you would just like to invest in one coat for the entire year, make sure to bring lots of different apparel to layer when it gets really cold.

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The next item is a personal favorite and I would honestly label it as required. I am of course talking about the bathroom flip-flops. I can assure anyone who is skeptical that having some kind of barrier between one’s foot and whatever unspeakable grime lines the floor of the dormitory bathrooms is a lifesaver.

Flip-flops are a staple of University footwear, but I, personally, found that having two pairs of flip flops or sandals was more advantageous because I wouldn’t have to walk around everywhere in the ones I shower in.

Next up, the elixir of life: H2O. A re-usable water bottle is highly recommended and a filtration system is an optional bonus.

I, and several other equally clever people on my floor had a Brita filter. This can be filled up using the numerous water fountains on the floor. The water fountains, at least in the Ikenberry residence halls, have special nozzles for filling up water bottles and the Brita filters fit under there as well.

Now lets take a trip back to the bathroom with the shower caddy or the shower tote. For those of us with even the simplest of cleaning routines, it can still be very helpful to carry all of the equipment at once with this vital, and iconic dormitory utility.

It’s really not worth fumbling around with all of one’s shampoos and whatnot, only to have everything fall to the floor in the middle of the hallway. For those who would rather take their chances and carry everything, I only suggest that you tie your towel tight.

These items are obviously not the only essentials that students should bring to school, but actually are just a small portion of the many things that will be necessary to have.

Other notable items include rain boots, a full size mirror and possibly some storage bins for snacks or even clothing.

Most everything else that will be necessary to bring is basically common sense, but if anyone is still feeling like they are forgetting something, there is checklist of what students should bring on the University Housing website.

Brooks is a sophomore in DGS.
[email protected]