Make the most out of living on campus


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Students rest and chat on the quad on Sept. 17, 2018.

By Shana Olivero, Video Editor

Living away from home may take some time to adjust, but it is an experience you should make the most of while you can! College campuses are catered to students in so many ways, and there are tons of opportunities for you to make the most of your experience on campus while you are a student.

Venture out

Some students are constantly stuck in their rooms or apartments all day when there are so many other places to be around campus. Take the opportunity to do your homework in a new location every once in a while. Try studying in a new library or coffee shop, and don’t be afraid to ask your friends to join you for a study date.

Have school spirit

So many college students pass up opportunities to attend sporting events, but you only have four years to show your school spirit while you can! Try to attend an event for all the different teams around campus. Check out a tennis match, gymnastics meet or a track and field meet. Dress up in your orange and blue, and super fan for the football and basketball games. You are lucky to be an Illini, so take some time out of the week to enjoy it!

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Sit outside

The Main Quad is a beautiful place to sit with friends and get some fresh air in for the day. You don’t always have to do your homework or studying inside. Take some time to study on the Main Quad, outside the Krannert Center for Performing Arts or on the porch of the Illini Union. It is healthy to get some Vitamin D and fresh air after a long day of classes. Enjoy the beauty of the campus with every chance you get.

Enjoy the nightlife

A lot of students hit the bars routinely every weekend, but some only hit the bars once every few months. Going out can be a nice break from studying and gives you the chance to socialize, meet new people and let loose after a long few weeks of exams. Even if you are not a going-out type of person, you still deserve a fun night of being out with your friends. College bars are also a great place to see people outside of class and meet other people you would not see in your major.

Overall, your college experience is short and is your last few years of living with all of your friends before you enter the real world of working all day every day. Seize every opportunity of enjoying your time on campus and being a student, utilize your resources and surroundings and remember to take breaks from the books!

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