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Lieutenant Joseph McCullough investigates a traffic violation on Friday, Sep. 23 2016.

Top 5 unusual police blotters of Fall 2019

By The Daily Illini Staff Report December 16, 2019

An arrest was made on the charges of aggravated battery of a police officer, resisting a police officer, obstructing identification and being a fugitive from justice at Grainger Engineering Library, 1301...

CU sees variety of crime this semester

CU sees variety of crime this semester

By Julie Kang, Assistant News Editor December 16, 2019

Case against former UI professor accused of sexual misconduct continues Two former University students and a professor from Wesleyan University in Connecticut filed a lawsuit on Sept. 10 against Gary...

Top 5 moments of the semester

Top 5 moments of the semester

By Karen Liu , News Editor December 17, 2018

The Fall 2018 semester is coming to an end. Before students switch gears to enjoy the holidays and winter break with family and friends, it is time to look back on the memorable events that happened on...

The Illinois Street Residence hall will be under construction until August 2020.

A look back on campus construction

By Jose Zepeda, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

Each semester, the University and the surrounding area undergo construction to improve old buildings and roads and to build new facilities. This semester was no exception. At the end of the spring semester...

Top 5 Illinois sports moments of the semester

By Meghan Rest, Assistant sports editor December 17, 2018

The University of Illinois might not be home to the most successful teams in the country –– or even the Big Ten –– but the fall season was still filled with historic milestones and plenty of...

New businesses open to appease students

By Zihan Wang , Staff Writer December 17, 2018

As students say goodbye to some familiar favorites in Fall 2018, the University also welcomed an array of new businesses to enrich the lives of students on campus. To make space for the 17-story residential...

Top 5 unusual police blotters of the semester

By The Daily Illini Staff Report December 17, 2018

Theft over $500 was reported at Walmart, 2610 N. Prospect Ave., around 11 a.m. Nov. 5. According to the report, a gumball machine was taken from the store by an unknown offender or offenders. Lost articles...

ISG members reflect on their semester

By HongBi Jeong, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

The Illinois Student Government achieved its main goal of getting votes out during the midterm election this semester. ISG was able to increase voter turnout compared to the 2014 Midterm election, Susan...

Chancellor’s commission will not name new mascot

By Julie Kang, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

Chancellor Robert Jones announced the commission he appointed to discuss native imagery will not focus on actually selecting a mascot for the University, but rather help establish a path towards it. Jones...

Missing scholar case trial update

By Gillian Dunlop, Managing Editor for Reporting December 17, 2018

It has been a year and a half since visiting scholar Yingying Zhang went missing in June of 2017. Alleged kidnapper Brendt Christensen is facing a charge of one count of kidnapping resulting in death and...

Jaya Kolisetty stands in front of paintings at the Rape Advocacy and Education Service center in Urbana on Sept. 7. RACES runs out of funding on Dec. 31.

RACES searches for hope amid Illinois budget crisis

By Jessica Bursztynsky , Staff Writer December 27, 2016

Illinois has gone eighteen months without a long-term budget. A stopgap funding measure gave some reprieve, but the state-centered money runs out on Dec. 31, leaving local social services scrambling to...

Grueling 2016 brought big picture frustrations

Grueling 2016 brought big picture frustrations

By Shankari Sureshbabu, Columnist December 12, 2016

Let’s begin with the expected and obvious: This last semester really was the worst. If 2016 is blacked out in history as the year that logic and reasoning went out the window, I won’t be surprised....

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